Chris Lacoste

New Zealand born and raised, world-wide traveller and speaks conversational Danish. Lives in Auckland but works throughout the country in all locations. A business owner and director with support of the outdoor industry, other guides and plenty of clothing and equipment. Chris can organise private and personalised tours for individuals, couples, friends, family or groups. 

Chris’ love for nature spreads wide and his teachings with people transcends deeply. His spark ignited through high school outdoor education, then the flame grew into a career by working in the outdoors while concurrently studying it for eight more years at university. That education included a Master of Arts (MA) in Transcultural European Outdoor Studies (TEOS).

Along the way, Chris gained many professional industry awards so he could best prepare in helping others be their best. He worked at many of New Zealand’s outdoor centers and contracted with education establishments and independent companies. Across the recreation, education and tourism industry, he has been a center instructor, a polytechnic tutor and a secondary school teacher.

In 2018, Chris founded Social Nature Movement. Now as a business owner and with over 15 years’ experience, he ensures your experience is of value and quality. The company has steadily grown, developing a status based on expertise and integrity. Today, Social Nature Movement takes the public, corporate groups and schools into nature so they can connect with themselves and their surroundings in a more conscious way.

Chris and the SNM team craft every project, backed by experienced contractors, delivering quality and excellence to those who value the same. And when he’s not teaching, he’s off discovering new nature experiences for people like you and I to enjoy.

Scope of Guiding: Nationwide
Membership Type: Full Member
Location: Auckland
Covid 19 Vaccination Status:

Phone Number:

Mobile Number: +64 27 5011 639


Language: Danish English
Type of Guiding: City Day Tours Fishing Flora & Fauna Geology History Long Tours PhotographyTrekking VIP
Concessions: Pro Guides / DOC concession holder
Vehicle: P-Endorsement Own Vehicle with TSL licence less than 12 seats
Vehicle Licences : Class 1 - Car
First Aid Certificate: Yes
Cruise Ship Ports:
  • Bay Of Islands
  • Auckland
  • Tauranga
  • Napier
  • Wellington

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