What are the requirements if I want to driver guide ?

You MUST have a P-endorsement if you want to driver guide, that is either a small passenger endorsement  (for vehicles up to a max of 11 passengers plus driver-total of 12 seats) or large passenger endorsement (for vehicles more than 12 seats) for a carried out "passenger service" (ie where passengers are carried for "hire or reward").

If you drive a large passenger service vehicle (more than 12 seats), you need a P-endorsement whether or not it is used for hire or reward.

To get a P-endorsement you must hold, and have held for at least two years, a full class 1 (car), or 2, 3, 4, 5 (heavy vehicles) driver licence. (Holding an equivalent overseas licence will not meet this requirement.)

In order to apply for a P-endorsement you will need

  • a completed application form (available from the agent or online)
  • a current New Zealand driver license
  • proof of your name and address
  • a medical certificate (if applicable)
  • a certificate showing you have successfully completed an approved passenger endorsement course
  • a Notice of Determination
  • a means of paying the fees

You should allow six to eight weeks for your application to be processed (providing you have supplied all the necessary information and documentation), because of the requirement to carry out a 'fit and proper person' check.

Note: If you're not a New Zealand citizen or don't hold a residence permit, you will need a work permit or some other temporary permit to show that you may work in New Zealand.

Read the NZ Transport Agency factsheet for details and how to apply.